What does Immunator Honey® do? 

a)    Promotes Natural Killer Cell (NK Cell) Activity

NK cells are a key part of our body's defense against infection and illness.  They seek and destroy infected or malignant cells through direct contact NK cells are especially important in fighting cancer cells, and cells infected by viruses, bacteria and fungi.  

b)    Increase Immune System Intelligence   

Immunological memory creates faster elimination of pathogens or infected cells. Immunator Honey® induces secondary Immune Response to existing disease such if they had known the disease causing agents before.

c)    Suppresses an Over-Active Immune System 

An out-of-control Immune System attacks healthy cells. Immunator Honey® works to balance the Humoral Immunity which is particularly effective in fighting conditions such as arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, etc.


How safe is Immunator Honey®?
Immunator Honey® is 100% safe
, natural and completely non-toxic. There is no side effect even in a high dose supplementation. It’s only trigger an Immune Response to an abnormalities which completely different from drugs overdose symptoms.

Can anyone buy Immunator Honey® ? 
Yes it can be sourced locally, but only from an accredited resellers or you can contact our toll free line 0800-1-IMMUNE (National) on working hours or email us at for inquiries. Feel free to contact our resellers from our Resellers Contact.

Is it expensive? 
Compared to any other immune boosting and modulating product on the market, Immunator Honey® is extremely cost effective.


Why consume Immunator Honey® when you are well?
Preventing a problem is safer than trying to cure it after you are ill. With the number of deadly germs that are taking their toll on our society, I plan to protect my loved ones with Immunator Honey®. Sometimes an illness can damage body organs beyond repair. The wide benefits of Immunator Honey® are still being explored. A healthy Immune System is crucial to your overall health, cell cleansing, and cell rejuvenation. Within our bodies, there is a continuous battle between the "good" and "bad" bacteria. Giving your Immune System a break can actually allow your body to direct its energies elsewhere.

Do you advise daily use? How long will the Immune Potentiating last?
Yes. Immunator Honey® works best when taken daily. The effect of Immune Modulation and Potentiating last for 3 days for every dose you take. If you discontinue use, your immune system will miss out on its daily support. The Immune Modulation received from Immunator Honey® is short-term. When a germ enters your body or you are vaccinated, a deep survival mechanism is triggered within your Immune System. The memory of the illness is stored through a different pathway to the Immunator Honey® pathway of modulating and increasing your Immune’s Intelligence.

Can I still get sick when I am consuming Immunator Honey®?
Even a reinforced Immune System can't always keep you well, but it can make a tremendous difference in how ill you become and may save the life of a loved one.

Do stomach acids or other functions of the digestive tract neutralize Immunator Honey®?
Stomach acid or digestive enzymes do not degrade the potency of Immunator Honey®. However most of the triggering and modulating happens in your tongue, which there is the place where the Immunogenic substances of Immunator Honey® will creates a complex immunological stimulating event.

What role does Immunator Honey® plays in the Immune System?
Immunator Honey® works as an Immuno-Regulator™ and also an Immuno-Potentiator™. For more details on how this two magnificent functions works please go to our page below:



Has this product been tested by an independent laboratory?
Immunator Honey® has been tested by International Independent Laboratory and has passed all safety test required by Health Ministry Department of the Republic of Indonesia.

 Tüv Nord Lab International Certification for Immunator Honey®

Can this product be bought outside Indonesia?
Currently we are shipping this products worldwide and we actively seeking for partnership with other distributor outside Indonesia. Our products have been registered to international GS1 Global Barcode System. This registered prefix for our products will match any P.O.S distribution across international market.

 GS1 International Barcode Certification for Immunator Honey®

Has this product been certified Halal for moslem communities?
Yes, this product has passed all requirement needed for Halal certification by Indonesian LP-POM MUI and has been given Halal certificate for ingredients and manufacturing process.

 LP-POM MUI Halal Certification for Immunator Honey® 

“To be totally cured, we may suffer from a healing crisis as a natural way of self-healing that retraces and eliminates every accumulated toxin in our body from the past.”


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