Immunator Honey® is founded on 2009 by Mr. Nur Agus Prasetyo (The Immunator™), a Naturopath Practitioner which now has also become the CEO of PT. Immunator Indonesia He had made several Immunology studies and field practice to observe how the Immunator Honey® promotes human's Immune System to recognize and respond to every existing health challenges or disease. He noted that a triggered Immune Response could induce a Healing Process from an existing disease and gives a good prognosis of the disease. He also noticed that when an Immune System goes to work, the existing disease would be cleared and eliminated from the roots of its existence. He also observed that Immune System that had been activated could prevent relapses of the diseases.

He discover several natural immunogenic substances that when combined with a honey to make a dietary blend of supplement, would accelerates and trigger an Immune Response to any human diseases. He also noticed that Immune Response would only act specifically to the location (part or parts of the body) of compromised health.


After many years of field testing's and observations, he concludes that everyone should use their immune potential for Self-Healing, because Immune System can cure even for the unknown treatment or medicine of a disease from today modern Allopathic Pharmaceutical Practices. 

Now with the passion of Immune System Potentials, he made this product of Natural Supplement which now known as Immunator Honey®, to show and remind us that we all should look back since the beginning of time and look how Immune Evolution has taking us today, surviving and adapting every health challenges from environmental crises and pollutions (Survive of the Fittest).

He hopes that Immunator Honey® would help and bring the answer for many peoples who struggle with Chronic Diseases or peoples who wanted to maximize their immune potentials to protect themselves from future health challenges. 

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