Comprehensive Immuno-Potentiator™ proprietary blend, to enhance Immune Recognition and Immune Response to any abnormalities within human's healths.


Immunator Honey® is a daily use immune support product, promoting Immuno-Surveillance to human's cellular environment and they are often used to promote a balanced Immune System (Th1/Th2).

For more information on the Immune System, please visit our Immune System Overviewpage.

 "Within minutes [of starting with Immunator Honey®], I felt something is working throughout my body. I felt that my body was retracing every symptom that I had before and also in the past which I thought was already cleared. After a coupled of days I felt so much stronger and more fresh than before. I used to get sick of influenza several times per month but not now. With the results I am getting, I just love it. To have my life back is awesome." – Ms. Shinta

Each bottle provides a half month supply of the following complexes and health benefits:

• Promotes healthy NK cell levels & Immuno-Surveillance for mutated or cancerous cells growth

• Promotes Phagocytosis of foreign particles in blood stream and tissues

• Promotes metal chelation to prevent buildup of minerals and toxic substances accumulation which may weaken the Immune System functions

• Activates white blood cells known as Macrophages and Neutrophils for Phagocytosis

• Alert Innate Immune Cells for surrounding surveillance as the first line of defense against foreign invaders

• Induce Phagocytes to removes cellular debris & speeds up recovery of damaged tissue

• Promotes healthy T-cell function, cellular proliferation, and liver function

• Promotes healthy cell division for tissues repairs

• Triggers Cell-Mediated Immunity to induces Apoptosis on abnormal cells

• Strengthen immune function

• Promotes normal cell growth

• Boost Glutathione levels as natural occurring antioxidant


Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two drops under the tongue (Sublingual) for three times per day for adults and one drop under the tongue for three times per day for children

This product contains some ingredients derived from milk.

 Tüv Nord Lab International Certification for Immunator Honey®

 GS1 International Barcode Certification for Immunator Honey®

 LP-POM MUI Halal Certification for Immunator Honey®


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