PT. Immunator Indonesia is founded on June 2013, initiated by the founder of Immunator Honey® Mr. Nur Agus Prasetyo (The Immunator™), which is also a Naturopath Practitioner. This company is made to become a legal institution for distributing Immunator Honey® products around the world. This company has been the first company that targeting their resellers for marketing campaign that focused on Immune System Potentials for maintaining people's health and to overcome existing health challenges.

This company is also focusing at global education for peoples around the world for Immune System Knowledge. Because by understanding how our Immune System works, would give a glimpse of how incredible and fascinating our Immune System are at maintaining our health, defending our body and the most important is how the Immune System can cure the existing health challenges.

 We are at PT. Immunator Indonesia believes that everyone should use their immune potential for self-healing and trust their own Immune System for elimination of any health challenges or diseases that their experiencing. Everyone should know and aware that our survival in this world depends on how our Immune System could adapt on every environmental threats and any devastating modern lifestyle habits, that could cause a major health problems and shorten our life expectancy.

We hope that our company would bring the answer to anyone that needs help in fighting their existing health challenges or diseases. And we also hope that everyone will consider Immune Health as the first concern on everyday living activities.

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