As an Immuno-Potentiator™, Immunator Honey® is capable to potentiate Immune System to overcome an existing health challenges by increasing their recognition receptors sensitivity to detect any threatening abnormalities that persist in human’s body. The Immuno-Surveillance activities are being boosted to maximize the scanning of potent threats within. Any non-self-antigen, altered self-antigen and anomalies that are founded are being responded immediately by innate immune cells army lines or otherwise are being captured and presented by Antigen Presenting Cells (APC) to cell-mediated immune cells army lines to be responded within afterwards. 

 As an Immuno-Potentiator™ it also means that our Immunator Honey® is capable to tune immune’s homeostasis, while aggressively attacking any encountered threats. Our Immune System uses their fuel by consuming our vital energy, so an exhausted body would lead to down regulation of Immune Responses. For the elimination of existing illness or disease to be completed, one’s must get enough rest and supplied the body with good and supporting nutrition for proper immune functions. Healthy meals program and supplement would actually accelerate the healing process of a disease or an illness. 

Immunator Honey® acts as if it gives a specific tailored weapon to Immune System, so that the immune’s army would know what to do and how to eliminate the encountered threats. As an ultimate immune support, Immunator Honey® also potentiates Immune System to establish an immediate immune response to any disease causing agents that are trying to make an entrance to the body. It actively promotes phagocytic cells and patrolling natural killer cells (NK-cell) to enhance their Immuno-Surveillance activities.  By having a boosted immune activity, one’s could sustain their disease free state and being insured against future health threats.



“Every symptoms of sickness is not always a reflection of an illness, it also reflects the way our body attempt to balance or heal it-self from any anomalies that persist. Our duty is to support our body with nourishment of nutrition to accelerate the healing process onwards.”

(The Immunator™ – 2013) 

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