As an Immuno-Regulator™, Immunator Honey® works to regulate immune function base on the surrounding cellular system activities. When the cellular activities of the immune cells are stressed or weakened which result in an immuno-deficiency state, Immunator Honey® wills Up-Regulate immune’s cellular activities to enhance their functions and activates an Immuno-Surveillance mode to crosscheck surrounding cellular environment for potent health threats. In contrary for Autoimmunity state, Immunator Honey® wills Down-Regulate and balances the Humoral Immunity (TH1) versus Cell-Mediated Immunity (TH2) response. It’s become clear that a deficiency state of Immune System will make the human body become vulnerable to foreign intruders and invaders. Not to mention the infiltrating malignant cells that could evade Immune System surveillance, and invade the surrounding tissues or even metastasize to other regions of the body. 

By Up-Regulating immune cells activities, any existing abnormalities will instantly detected and proceeded for further elimination process. For an infected self-cells, the Innate Immune Cells will be the first to respond to the location of infected cells. Natural Killer cells (NK-Cell) work as a potent immune’s killing squad. They patrol everywhere for an infected self-cells, and fire their cytotoxic granules upon contact with those infected cells.

 A malignant self-cells which could be initiated by an infection or hyper mutation of genetic disorder will also be detected by NK-Cell, because a malignant self-cells usually lose their self-surface marker integrity (MHC or HLA) and induce a respond by NK-Cells receptor. Another possibility to detect an infected or malignant self-cells are the release of signaling chemicals (Cytokine) to surrounding environment which attract patrolling immune cells to locate the infected or malignant cells. They recognize the antigen determinant presented on the surface of infected cells. By recognizing this antigen a T-Cell (CD8+ Cytotoxic) will induces apoptosis to the infected or mutated cells. 

On the other hand an Overreacting Immune System to self-cell will result in a Hypersensitivity or Autoimmunity state. At this state Immunator Honey® elicit a Down-Regulation mode for suppressing immune’s hyperactivities to normal response level. Autoimmunity can be caused by several circumstances, such as an overreaction of Antibody Mediated Immunity to non-harmful substances (pollens), or wrong interpretation of immune cells in recognizing self-surface markers as foreign cells. 


Autoimmunity are become a common health problems these days. It was suspected as the manifestation of Toxemia, which is a condition of accumulated toxic substances within body’s tissues. This toxicity could arise from long term use of chemical drugs or from accumulated chemical substances from human’s diets. Immunator Honey® balances humans Immune System to maintain Immune Homeostasis. A balanced Immune Response is the key for optimal health and wellbeing.
“Gods create mans as His noble creature in a perfect condition, in which He gave us a survival instrument which is the Immune System, that is not only to protect or defend us but also to heal us from any health challenges.” 
(The Immunator™ – 2013) 

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