Comprehensive Immuno-Potentiator™ proprietary blend, to enhance Immune Recognition and Immune Response to any abnormalities within human's healths.


Immunator Honey® is a daily use immune support product, promoting Immuno-Surveillance to human's cellular environment and they are often used to promote a balanced Immune System (Th1/Th2).

For more information on the Immune System, please visit our Immune System Overview page.

 "Within minutes [of starting with Immunator Honey®], I felt something is working throughout my body. I felt that my body was retracing every symptom that I had before and also in the past which I thought was already cleared. After a coupled of days I felt so much stronger and more fresh than before. I used to get sick of influenza several times per month but not now. With the results I am getting, I just love it. To have my life back is awesome." – Ms. Shinta

Each bottle provides a one month supply of the following complexes and health benefits:

• Promotes healthy NK cell levels & Immuno-Surveillance for mutated or cancerous cells growth

• Promotes Phagocytosis of foreign particles in blood stream and tissues

• Promotes metal chelation to prevent buildup of minerals and toxic substances accumulation which may weaken the Immune System functions

• Activates white blood cells known as Macrophages and Neutrophils for Phagocytosis

• Alert Innate Immune Cells for surrounding surveillance as the first line of defense against foreign invaders

• Induce Phagocytes to removes cellular debris & speeds up recovery of damaged tissue

• Promotes healthy T-cell function, cellular proliferation, and liver function

• Promotes healthy cell division for tissues repairs

• Triggers Cell-Mediated Immunity to induces Apoptosis on abnormal cells

• Strengthen immune function

• Promotes normal cell growth

• Boost Glutathione levels as natural occurring antioxidant


Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take a half teaspoon for three times per day for adults and a quarter teaspoon for three times per day for children

This product contains some ingredients derived from milk.

 Tüv Nord Lab International Certification for Immunator Honey®

 GS1 International Barcode Certification for Immunator Honey®

 LP-POM MUI Halal Certification for Immunator Honey®


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